USA Fit is the originator in marathon group training programs. We are focused on:




  • We have trained tens of thousands of walkers and runners over almost 30 years to accomplish personal goals and finish 5K, 10k, 10 Miles, half-marathons, 20 Miles and marathons
  • We challenge members to set ambitious personal goals and encourage them to achieve them
  • We promote camaraderie which often cultivates long-lasting friendships
  • We offer a non-intimidating training environment for those just starting to walk or run
  • We provide advanced training for experienced runners to improve performance
  • We offer multiple program levels so members can continue their personal journey
    as they improve over time
  • We encourage members to invest in themselves…we like to think that we help
    people change their lives from the inside out

Training programs are based on years of experience and provide steady and safe increases in mileage that builds fitness and increases confidence over the six-month program period. Members get together every Saturday for coached group runs and educational seminars, and are provided with detailed weekly training schedules to follow on their own for weekday runs.